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Pete Petersen

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Pete Petersen


Pete is the driving force behind Dealers United’s mission to create positive change in the automotive industry. By combining leadership, digital marketing, and technology expertise with a passion for helping independent auto dealers optimize their ad dollars, Pete is always searching for the most innovative digital solutions that can help dealers save time, reduce expenses, and sell more cars.

Session Title 

Feeling Trapped? Here’s How Independent Dealers Are Breaking The 3rd Party Lead Cycle

Session Description 

What if I could show you how to stop getting trapped by 3rd party lead sources and officially END the cycle of hunting for new leads?

What if I could give you 3 ways you can start generating 1st-party leads (for your own store that YOU own) – without wasting a dollar on ad spend?

In my session, I’m going to give you a playbook that will:

• Help you spend less $ than you’re spending on 3rd party leads to instead drive 1st party leads
• Turn your vehicle feed into your BIGGEST asset
• Drive VIN-specific leads from Facebook into your CRM
• Finally help you prove direct ROI from your digital ad spend…and get you into more sales conversations right NOW. Not 6 months from now – not with some long-term SEO – not a Like and Comment campaign. Real sales, NOW.