Convention Dealer Training

The 2023 Speaker Lineup is Top Notch!

Innovations in the Used Car Industry: Staying Ahead in a Rapidly Changing Market

GIADA is proud to bring an incredible speaker lineup to the 2023 convention. With tremendous industry expertise and a knack for sharing content in a easy to understand manner, this year’s guests offer a host of valuable information that dealers will be able to implement right away!


Legislative Updates and Political Climate in Georgia
Dealers rely on GIADA’s top advocacy team to protect their interests in Georgia and Washington D.C. John Haliburton will be sharing at convention what the legislative updates mean for dealers and how the political climate in GA will affect the industry moving forward.

Kinetic Advantage

Dealership Operations: What you need to know to set your business up for success
This session will focus on helping you connect the dots to a better understanding of dealership financial performance; specific techniques for evaluating financial statements, inventory management and analysis of dealership operations to achieve maximum profitability.

Tax Refund Services

Strategies to Sell More Cars in Q1
In his session you will learn creative strategies which will help your dealership: Sell more cars in Q1; Collect LARGER down payments; Have your customers’ tax refunds routed to your dealership and not to the customer without doing any work; Sell more cars in Q4; Collect on past due accounts; Advertise on your website, social media and in your dealership; and if you are a BHPH dealer, find out how to utilize tax season all year round!

Business Development Director
Reputation Sensei™ by Digital Media Nation, LLC

AI & Marketing Automation to Increase Sales
A compelling and solutions-oriented workshop on why AI backed marketing automation platforms are changing the game for Independent Auto Dealers worldwide, and why not taking part in these advancements could leave you and your business in your competitor’s dust!

Dunlap Gardiner LLP

Get Rich or Die Non-Compliant: How to Stay Current with the Ever-Changing Legal World
This outstanding presentation will focus on collections and bankruptcy representation and will cover the following topics: Collection Practices; Obtaining writs of possession and turnovers dealing with insurance companies when there are disputes as to damage and/or liability involving collateral; Advising clients on compliance issues with their contracts and interactions with customers; and Fighting for creditors relief in bankruptcy court, as well as defending creditors who are subject to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Cox Automotive

Top Tips for Independent Dealers to Thrive in 2023
2023 looks to be a year of transition as both consumers and the automotive industry move forward following a global pandemic and set a new course for growth. Join us as Cox Automotive presents tips to help you make the most informed decisions, streamline operations, and create efficiencies to ensure your dealership thrives in 2023 and beyond. 

JASON REAVES, Wayne Reaves Software & STEVEN LEFKOFF, Lefkoff Law

New Mandated FTC Safeguards Rules and New Used Car Board Rules!
With the new FTC Safeguards rule now in effect, these guys will give you a brief overview of the requirements now in place for your dealership. Learn who has to be in compliance as well as what changes you may need to make. They will also discuss recent changes in rules of the Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Licensing Board, which will be going into effect soon. Make sure that your deal jackets are ready for the changes.

Reeves Insurance Associates

All About Insurance: From Claims to Coverage
Kevin will address the current insurance environment in Georgia, the top three trending insurance claim scenarios and how to avoid them, how Garage Liability is rated, and how to avoid penalties for under insuring your inventory.

Michelle Jackson and Marcus Potter4:20PM
Advantage Automotive Analytics

Brief Overview on State of the Industry (Economy & Consumer Debt)
During this engaging collections discussion, we will explore the current state of the auto finance industry, focusing on the vital aspects of collections and recovery processes. Participants will gain valuable insights into the current dynamics of the industry and delve into practical strategies for risk mitigation while ensuring legal and regulatory compliance. Our goal is to provide attendees with invaluable knowledge and tools to successfully navigate the multifaceted realm of auto finance, mitigate risks, and safeguard their operational endeavors.